The cast of The Maze Runner discussing who they’d want as a partner if they were stuck in a real life survival situation *


*Jamie Lee Curtis voice* could you like, chill, for a sec?

"She brought out this humor in him, and he brought out this depth in her. There was a magical quality about them. Andrew has an ability to do emotional gravity really well. Emma’s presence is so light. Put them together and they had spontaneous grounded realism. They were so naturalistic. They never fake things." - Marc Webb

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my life is one part “wait” and another part “what”

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this accurately describes my life.

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i feel like once you were emo in middle school youre low key emo for the rest of your life, like you could be 20 in the middle of college wearing uggs or whatever but once you hear the first key to the black parade/i write sins/sugar we’re going down you sprout an imaginary fringe and start yelling your lungs out like its 2007 all over again

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slow dancing with a little girl at iHeartRadio x

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Chain Bridge, Budapest (by Luís Henrique Boucault)

MetLife Stadium - August 5th

You can’t go to the pharmacy without someone saying, “Hey, you’re the girl from Harry Potter!” and I’m like “Yeah! Just buying tampons, see you in a bit!”

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Little Mix in high school

Perrie | Leigh Anne | Jesy

"Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?"

- Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie   (via idliketodateabritishboy)

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